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Hot Air Balloon


…and then she snapped! She wasn’t living true to what her soul was calling out for…all the unrest, never belonging, or feeling like she was ever really home ❤ It turns out the quietly lost wanderer was never lost at all as she awoke with wide eyes seeing clearer then ever before ❤ not living even a smidgen of her passion or even close to her potential, did she really think she could find contentment toning herself down for everyone and everything?! She was always vivid, loud and larger then life yet STILL, she came to the realization- could only express muffled sound proofed versions of her. No, all this- THIS- it wasn’t for her- the gargantuan hot air balloon with its stakes nailed into loose, muddy and crumbling ground. The intricate ties of friendships/relationships all the while she was the only one holding on, reaching out. Frankly it’s EXHAUSTING trying to hold them all together, just getting dragged and dingy knees hanging by those ropes. She just wasn’t gonna do it anymore, time to let go. If she told anyone her plan they’d call her crazy… but she no longer cared. Crazy was so much better then safe or settling for less then her heart could take any longer! Finally guided she set her goals, researched her options and calculated her plans… and for once, just once she really looked forward to tomorrow ❤